The activities of our company cover various fields of industry, ecology, energetics, building automation, infrastructure, developement projects and informaction and communication technologyes. On complex projects we work together with our partner companies in the field of pneumatics, hydraulics, process technology and mechanical engineering.

Our company basic scopes of work are various kinds of automation (process, machines, systems etc.) and other services that include the following:



Our company covers the entire range of industrial automation with references in the automotive industry, pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, construction industry, metallurgic industry and the food industry.

We have references in processing and producing in the food industry, purifications and demineralized water systems in the pharmaceutical industry, crane systems in metallurgy and preparation of paper pulp from cellulose and waste paper industry. In the automotive industry we offer automation and regulation, including process control, of welding cells and machines.



In hydropower facilities we mostly provide measurement, process control and analytical services, whereby we specialise in hydromechanic equipment, drainage and crane systems. We are providing big range of measuring and applicative equpement as: watter level measurement, gate posistion and flow measurement. We also provide remote control for all this sistems.

Our company aslo has references in production of electrical energy with biomass, nuclear energy, cogeneration, gas and petroleum.



Our range in ecology covers water and waste treatment, air purification and sludge treatment.

With water treatment we mainly deal with wastewater treatment plant, industrial and specific treatment plants, water supply and sewage systems.

In waists treatment we are covering collection, transportation and processing. In the field of air filtration and purification technology, our company is mostly engaged with biofilters and air purification plants.



Our activities in the field of infrastructure are mostly focused on electro-automation of cableways, such as aerial and surface lifts for transport of skiers. We also deal with logistics and communication solutions. In the field of cableways, we also provide automation of snowmaking systems and remote control and access.

With our communication solutions we are providing easy remote control for systems with SMS notification options for easier work.


Building automation

In the field of building automation, our company boasts references in control and management of lighting, temperature and humidity control, regulation of heating and air-conditioning, automation of heating stations and sub-stations and boiler rooms.

Our services include technical solutions, designing, installation of control and management systems, including telemetry, functional testing and setting-up of process systems.

Since 2017 we are also certificated KNX partners.


Development projects

We provide expertise and engineering services in various areas of new technologies development. Together with investors we develop applications and systems for their needs and desires.



Like everywhere else, ecology is big factor in automotive industry. It means grat evolution in hybrid and electric vehicles. We are using our knowladge and experiences to make our contribution to e-mobility sector.

​ We are providing charging stations for home as well as stations for comecial use. Whit last ones we can provide power management and connectivity to billing system.


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